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Our team helps you develop beautiful hardscaping designs that meet your vision and budget. Whether it’s adding an outdoor living area, improving your home curb appeal, or simply making the terrain more functional our team can assist. Call us and schedule your free in-person consultation today! 

Hardscape Design

Planning your hardscaping design can be overwhelming as you must choose plants, materials, and many other factors to bring your vision to life. Our landscaping designers can share some creative ideas to help guide you through this journey. In addition, we are knowledgeable about the native plants in the area to give the best recommendations.

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Our process

Contact us

Our team can be reached by calling/texting the following number (512)-749-8853. We are also responsive via our contact form.


We send an expert on-site in order to explore various options. In addition, measurements are taken. 



After we have nailed down the final details, we send over an estimate. In some cases, we include a rough sketch.

Project begins

Once we receive the green light, we begin gathering materials and give you a start date and execute the project.

Our Hardscaping Services

  • Stone Patio
  • Cement Patio
  • Brick Patio
  • Gravel patio
  • Travertine Patio
  • Deck Patio


Outdoor Steps

  • Stone steps 
  • Paver steps 
  • Travertine steps 
  • Cement steps
  • Stone firepit 
  • Cement firepit 
  • Brick firepit 
  • Paver Firepit

Fence installation 

  • Wooden fences
  • Metal Fences 
  • Snake Fences 
  • Chain link 
  • Hog Fences


  • Stone benches 
  • Paver benches 
  • Brick benches 
  • Cement benches 
  • Wooden benches

Cement Patio Installation

  • Stone retaining walls 
  • Brick retaining walls 
  • Paver retaining walls 
  • Metal retaining walls
  • Paver walkways 
  • Stone walkways 
  • Brick walkways 
  • Gravel walkways


  • Stone Edging 
  • Metal edging 
  • Paver Edging 
  • Brick Edging 
  • Cement Edging

Residential Hardscaping

For many years, we have helped residents in Austin and surrounding areas transform their homes. Whether it’s altering your current landscape or starting from a clean sheet our team can help. When you partner with us you can expect a crew of knowledgeable individuals who will be in close communication throughout the whole process and give you recommendations to meet your needs and vision.

Commercial Hardscaping

Our team not only services residents but also business owners in the Austin area. We understand the importance of making your commercial property as presentable as possible. In addition, we are fully insured and already have the proper documentation to take on projects with ease. Managing commercial properties can be overwhelming but our teams turnkey approach facilities the whole process allowing you to focus on more pressing matters.


Does hardscaping add value to home?

Adding a hardscaping aspect to your can not only extend your outdoor living space but add value to your home. The numeric value added to the house will depend on the hardscaping aspect. 

How long does hardscaping last?

The durability of the hardscaping project to your home will depend on various factors but on average you can expect 25-35 years without any repairs needed.